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63mm DP:
For measuring differential pressure across a filter
• 63mm diameter
• Surface or panel mounting
• Twin barbed connection to suit push on tubing
• Red / Amber / Green sections on dial
• Customer logo on dial
• Stainless Steel case & bezel

Standard Ranges: 0-750Pa, 0-1250Pa, 0-1500Pa & 0-2500Pa

Mini Differential Pressure Gauge
• Low cost, designed to fit industry standard holes
• Glass filled Nylon body with polycarbonate window
• Barbed connections to suit 3/16” i.d. tubing
• Customisable dial for red /green sectors & logo
• Front zero adjustment

Ranges: 0-125Pa, 0-250Pa & 0-500Pa

100mm diameter differential gauge
• Low cost, designed to fit industry standard holes
• Aluminium die cast body
• Surface or panel mounting
• Removable bezel to allow dial customisation – red / green / logo
• Rear or side connections to suit 3/16” i.d. tubing or 1/8” NPT
• Front zero adjustment
• Supplied with all fixings etc.

Ranges: 0-60Pa, 0-100Pa, 0-125Pa, 0-250Pa, 0-300Pa, 0-500Pa, 0-750Pa, 0-1000Pa

PS Pressure Switch:
Differential pressure switch designed for filter / fan monitoring etc.
• Robust design
• IP54 Rated
• Adjustable measuring range
• Low cost
• Output signal to control panel/bms
• Available with red LED to show ‘alarm reached’ condition

Ranges: 20-200Pa, 40-600Pa, 100-1500Pa & 500-4500Pa

MM Inclined Tube Manometer:
For filter application, ventilation systems, a/c systems
• Robust Low cost design
• Able to measure positive, negative & differential pressure
• No moving parts – no wear
• Do not suffer effects of vibration
• Supplied with manometer fluid & tubing

Ranges: -100 to 500Pa, 0-200Pa, 0-1500Pa

DPT Differential Pressure Transmitter:
For monitoring/controlling building automation systems
• High quality
• Economic pricing
• IP54 Rated
• Auto zero function available

Please request data sheet for selectable measuring ranges

DPT Flow Meter:
For measuring and monitoring in-duct volume flow, velocity
or differential pressure and air flow across centrifugal fans.
  • High Quality
  • Two field selectable functions
  • Volume flow: m3/s, m3/h, cfm, l/s
  • Pressure: Pa, inWC, mmWC, kPa, mbar