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  • Case Diameters from 40mm to 300mm, dry or glycerine filled
  • Brass / bronze internals or stainless steel
  • Pressure ranges up to 1600 bar (higher ranges to order)
  • Pressure, Vacuum and Compound scales available

A full range of dry or glycerine filled gauges for general industrial applications across all industry sectors. i.e. HVAC/Pneumatics etc.

For the measurement of fluid liquids that are NOT: highly viscous, likey to solidify or corrosive to copper or tin alloys.

Also suitable for gases up to 25 bar maximum (excluding oxygen or acetylene)

For oxygen, acetylene or any other applications above 25 bar -where safety pattern gauges are required – please contact us.

Glycerine filled gauges should NOT be used where strong oxidising agents are present such as (but not limited to) ammonia, chlorine, oxygen etc..

Glycerine will also discolour at temperatures above 55-60c – Alternative damping liquids are available for higher temperatures – please contact us.

These gauges are designed for applications and use according to BSEN837-1

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